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The unique brewing system, the largest fermentation tanks, powerful bottling lines - all of that you can see with your own eyes at the brewery Obolon in Kyiv.


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Take a virtual excursion to the Obolon brewery. Observe the work of the biggest filling line in Europe and find out how to get the highest quality product.


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About «Obolon» corporation

number of employees in «Obolon» corporation

number of countries to which «Obolon» exports its products

«Obolon» corporation's share in Ukrainian exports of beer

1st seat
corporation“Obolon” is the largest producer of beverages in Ukraine

28th seat
“Obolon” is the 28th brewing corporation in the world

5,25 bln.UAH
revenues from sales in 2013

1 158 mln.UAH
total “Obolon” corporation's deductions (taxes, excise, duties) in 2013

CSR report of Obolon JSC 2013-2014

Corporation «Obolon» RSS Corporation «Obolon» 1 Twitter Corporation «Obolon» 1 Flickr Corporation «Obolon» 1 YouTube Corporation «Obolon» 1 LinkedIn Corporation «Obolon» 1 Facebook Corporation «Obolon» 1 SlideShare Corporation «Obolon» 1 Issuu